I am currently building the Mini Telemaster kit and placed an order on 9/8/10 for several of the "required" items to complete the build. The motor and batteries were shipped together promptly followed by the props on 9/28. Since then I have been attempting to determine when the ESC ( JEE018 ) and Deems connectors will be shipped. Prior to today I have called several times and received only vague promises on the remaining items. This afternoon I called and spoke with Dan who advised that the ESC will be received there on 10/21with no promise on ship date to me. On the Deems connectors he advised no arrival date inbound was available and hold " while I speak with the purchasing manager ". I was cut off and no subsequent call was placed to me with information.

I cannot believe that my order ( which is for relatively common parts in your system ) is going to be broken into four separate shipments........how can you possibly make money operating this way ? Furthermore, this stuff is for a TELEMASTER which has been a staple of your business for years !!! How can you provide such lousy customer service on an important part of the business ?

Contrast this experience with a recent order filled promptly by Tower Hobbies. The order was shipped quickly with several Emails documenting each step to include tracking which was exactly correct. Unfortunately, the Postal Service damaged the shipment and the package was crushed and the contents partially lost and the remainder ruined. When I reported the problem the order was immediately replaced NO CHARGE and the same precise tracking provided......all of this took place in just over a week !

If my current order is ever completed I will not place another order with Hobby Lobby.......your current customer service is non-existent and will have to improved greatly to compare with other companies.

Reference Order 0002079853 placed 9/8/10