Here is what we use for the Wakefield event.
This is the same setup as used in winning Wakefield Electric
models at SAM competition.

SPEED 300 6V Electric Motor
Product# GR3306
10 Small 47mf Capacitors .
Product# GR3584
These capacitors are used on the Speed 300 motorThese capacitors are used on the Speed 300 motor
Use 3 of these on the motor. 1 each from a rear terminal to the case of the motor and
one across between the two terminals

5:1 Gearbox for 300, Ballbearing

Product# MJ8043

30mm Aluminum Spinner for 3mm Shaft

Precision turned aluminum spinner with blade holders and collet prop adapter included
Product# DK3030
10x8 CAM Folding Prop (Spare Blades)

10x8 CAM Folding Prop (Spare Blades)
Product# GPC1008B
12 Amp Microprocessor Motor Controller

For 4 to 8 Ni, 2 to 3 Li-Po cells, 12 to 15 Amps
Product# JES012
Polarized SPEED 400 Connectors, 3, Red

Product# HLFK4003
2 sets of these, same as used on the Speed 400LMR event.
Just put heat shrink over the connectors, no need to use the insulators
that come with it.
Thunder Power lipo 2C 850mah 45C.