Subject: SAM Speed 400 LMR setup information
This is the setup used on the winning SAM Speed 400 LMR model.
This event taxes the motor and I suggest several motors setup and available.
For the SAM Speed 400LMR event here is the recommended setup:
SPEED 400 6V Electric Motor

SPEED 400 6V Electric Motor
Product# GR3321
Collet Prop Adapter for 2.3mm Shaft, M5

Collet type Prop shaft adapters hold tighter
Product# MJ4701
6x4 Thin Electric Prop

Special Thin props for Electric flight
Product# PE06040E
Polarized SPEED 400 Connectors, 3, Red

Product# HLFK4003
2 sets of these are needed to make all connections.
Suggest just using the connectors with heat shrink, the insulators are not
needed in the setup.
20 Amp Microprocessor Motor Controller

For 4 to 8 Ni, 2 to 3 Li-Po cells, 20 to 22 Amps
Product# JES020
Thunder Power THP8502SP45J
850mah 2S 45C lipo
You will need to change the connector on this battery
Or the
1250 2S 45C lipo.