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Thread: programable card

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    programable card

    Hey guys. I just purchased a brushless motor, esc, batteries and a charger to upgrade my exceed j3. I got to connect the motor to ther esc, battery to the esc, but what do i do with the programable card, i know how to figure out what i want it programmed for, but do i hook it up to the esc and it will download the preset card? No direction on what to do.

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    Re: programable card

    Most of the cards have a slot where you plug the esc into. You use the lead that would normally go into the receiver. Once that is connected and all the settings are where you want them, you connect the battery pack to the esc like you would to go fly. If the esc is connected to the motor also, you'll hear a beep from the motor, and then your done. Disconnect the esc from the card and plug back into the receiver and you're all set.

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    Re: programable card

    On the card, for my motor to turn, I had to switch the jumper to the maximum degree, it wouldn't work on auto.

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