FlyCamOne Eco V2

This basic set is about as light as it gets. It's bare bones setup allows it to fit in small spaces and shoot VGA resolution video from just about anything you can fly. The 90 pivot head can be moved by additional servo. External release, mode selection and 180 flip can be done with only one free channel of you RC system. Power and mode selection will be done by a free channel of your RC receiver. Using the mode button at the cam power can be supplied by an external battery.

FlyCameOne Eco V2 Specs:

* Weight: 17grams
* Power: 4,5-6V
* Modes: Video, serial photo, photo
* Mode Indicator: Bi-Color LED
* Audio: Yes
* Resolution: VGA 640x480px
* Frames Per Second: 28
* Memory: 8GB Micro SD Card - Not Included

Camera Head: .87 in. x .95 in. x 1.1 in. (22 x 24 x 28mm), 90 Angle, Record Flip of 180.