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Thread: A few Jet suggestions

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    A few Jet suggestions

    Hello, Hobby-lobby. My name is Supermegajetfan, and as you can tell by my name, I love jets. I am wondering if you are interested in seeing my EDF jet suggestions for your inventory.

    The HC-Hobby Mig-35 (Comes with Thrust Vectoring)

    And the new EPO Art tech F/A-18 ... icleID=310

    I hope these jets are good enough for your company.


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    Re: A few Jet suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    Re: A few Jet suggestions

    Thank YOU for listening. I am a huge fan of the Mig-29/Mig-35 and the F/A-18C and they are the right sizes. These are the perfect EDFs for me. Hopefully these will be in the store soon :)

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    Re: A few Jet suggestions

    Any updates yet?

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    Re: A few Jet suggestions

    Too many projects on the table right now. We're working with some great companies on our own projects right now and that takes up a lot of time and resources.


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