Setup and programming of an Hobby Lobby Atlas ESC to a brushless motor.
1.The three leads have no polarity at all, just hook them up to the three leads out of the motor. This is like a 3 phase AC motor to put it simply. If after you program the ESC ( Electronic Speed Controller) the motor runs backwards then exchange any two of the three motor leads. This will reverse the direction of the motor.
On the other end of the ESC are the two wires that connect the ESC to the battery. Connect the plus of the battery to the + marked on the ESC and then the negative battery lead to the -- on the ESC.
The on-off switch really is an arming switch. When you connect the battery to the ESC battery leads the ESC is really on and running the ESC electronics but the BEC and motor are not enabled until the switch is in the on mode.
2.Set the jumpers on the side of the card to the desired settings. Connect the three wire receiver plug into the program card. Now connect the main flight battery to the ESC. If you have a BEC. ( Battery eliminator circuit) controller turn the switch to the "on" position. If you have an OPTO controller you will need to connect a 4.8v battery to the external power pins on the program card. An OPTO ESC is used when you are running more than 4 Lipo cells, the OPTO ESC is different type of ESC from an ESC with BEC.
With an OPTO ESC a separate source of electrical power is required to power the receiver and servos. This can be either a battery source or a Ultimate BEC type of device.
At this time if you have a motor connected to the controller you will hear a beep. After the beep, or 5 seconds(no motor connected), you will turn the switch "off" or disconnect the external battery(OPTO). Once the power is "off" you can unplug the main battery and remove the program card. Reconnect the three wire connector to the receiver and you are ready to go. The program card is then stored until next time you need it.
3. The Atlas program card options are set by jumpers on the side of the card:
Holding the program card with the two sets of 3 input leads up and going counter clockwise.

The first jumper selection is for the battery setting and type of ESC that you have:
First jumper position is Nicad or NiMh type battery and a standard BEC ESC.
second jumper position is 2 cell Lipo battery and a standard BEC ESC
third jumper position is 3 cell Lipo battery and a standard BEC ESC
4th jumper is position 4 cell Lipo battery and an OPTO ESC
5th jumper position is for a 5 cell Lipo battery and an OPTO ESC.

The next set of jumper selections are for type of motor start:
Hard is an immediate start of the motor. Use with direct drive to prop
Soft is a slower start. Use with a gearbox on the motor, or on a large airplane with large propellers.

The next set of jumper selections are for when and how the ESC will cut off power to the motor:
Ignore ESC will not cutoff the motor until battery is near dead
Reduce power ESC will cut power to motor by half when battery is nearly depleted (good for Scale, Sport and 3D airplanes).

Stop Motor ESC will cut power off motor totally when battery is nearly depleted (good for electric launched gliders).

The next set of jumper selections are for turning on or off the brake to the motor.
Use brake on usually for a folding prop or for when you want the motor to resist the prop turning when throttle is off.
brake off for when the throttle is off the prop free wheels.

The next set of jumper selections are governor mode and used in helicopters.
For aircraft set it to RPM control off.

The next set of jumper selections are to change the rotation of the motor.
The motor rotation can be set this way instead of changing the wiring.

The next set of jumper selections are for the timing of the motor as set by the type of motor and it's number of poles.
1st jumper position is for auto timing and will work is most motors the ESC will sense the setting needed for the motor.
The 2nd jumper setting is for some in-runners needing very low timing and some high KV out-runners like Little Screamers motor, and some very large stator in-runners.
The 3rd jumper setting is for most out-runners

The ESC comes set to a default of:

Battery 3 Lipo’s and standard BEC ESC
Start Soft
Cutoff voltage reduce to half power
Brake off
Governor mode off
Rotation Normal
Timing Auto