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Thread: Nice new Venom Group 80mm F-86 and FJ-3 in EPO

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    Nice new Venom Group 80mm F-86 and FJ-3 in EPO

    I really like the scale looks of the new Venom Group 80mm Saber and Fury jets and thank you for considering the EPO foam in their construction. Hobby-Lobby really should indicate, in the item descriptions, that these beautiful jets are made of EPO foam. You will not be able to keep these jets on the shelf this holiday season for sure! The inventory pickers and packers will be busy in the warehouse with these jets.

    Will there be a P-80 Shooting Star jet in the future? Venom has them on 50mm too but would like to see a larger scale!


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    Re: Nice new 80mm F-86 and FJ-3 in EPO

    I was really surprised to see the FJ-3. You just dont see this version of the F-86 being modeled. Good on you Hobby Lobby.

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