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Thread: new warbirds wanted

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    new warbirds wanted

    I own several of y'alls planes, yellow waco, hun hunter p-47 and the large scale p-51 with retracts you used to carry. I enjoy flying all of them. But I wish you all would come out with another large scale foam warbird. Something like an FW-190 with retracts or, heaven forbid, a Stuka with flaps and bomb drop. I would be all over the Stuka. Just wishful thinking. What are you thinking?

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    Re: new warbirds wanted

    Hobby-Lobby had problems competing in the large scale FMS warbird market. They sold off all their large scale FMS P-51 Mustang inventory to vendors like Atlanta Hobby etc. Nitro Planes has all of the FMS large scale EPO foam warbirds. Nitro Planes also have the new ME-109 ARF and soon FMS will have a FW-190. You can also purchase the kit versions, if you wish to add your own electronics. I think Hobby-Lobby should try to compete with vendors like Nitro Planes and bring back the large FMS warbirds or start offering the scale EP Hyperion warbirds! Hyperion also has a very nice scale FW-190 Dora and they just came out with a new JU-88 Stuka this past spring. The Dora comes with a new powerful all metal retract units that are PNP.

    Hyperion is hobby grade at its finest!


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    Re: new warbirds wanted

    I know of the other fms birds at nitro. The me-109 is a miserable rendition. Cant figure if it is an E or G. I know hyperion make very quality aircraft but at my present level in this hobby I am hesitant to put that much money in balsa in the air. As to the fms p-51 from what I understand is that mike hines develope this bird in cooperation with fms and in the proccess of stocking up with spare parts fms did not ship them the parts they paid for and would not re-ship or refund. I dont think hobby lobby will be doing bussiness with fms anytime soon. Would really like to see an fw-190 or Stuka in nice safe EPO :D

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    Re: new warbirds wanted

    Give it time my friend! FMS will come out with a FW-190 and Stuka before the end of winter and you just may see a Focke Wulf before this Christmas! Check out . This is a Swiss company ( yes, they also have the "exclusive" FreeWing 90mm F/A-18e 360 Super Hornet too), that has the latest FMS products before they hit the shores of the U.S. and Canada. You will see a Large scale EPO foam FW-190 or Stuka on this overseas site long before you see one in the U.S markets. You can also purchase directly from them if you wish. The best way is to purchase a FMS airframe then add your own quality brushless motor, ESC and HT servos. You can always repaint the model to reflect any Luftwaffe scheme you want. For strong retracts, look to either the Hyperion FW-190D all metal retracts, the DSR-46T (Best) or E-Flite. Sometimes the cheap PNP retracts are better because, as you learn, you will bend struts. Also, You have to be tinkerer if you want to build up a large scale airframe.

    At this time, I only know of FMS and JPowers (still love my J/P "A-7 Corsair II" I bought from H-L several years back), who offer large scale EPO WWII warbirds. H-L just may have FreeWing, JPowers , or StarMax develop some new birds for their product line hopefully soon but, right now, everyone seems to be in the EDF 360 degree thrust vectoring craze and large scale EPO warbirds seem to be on a back burner?


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    Re: new warbirds wanted

    Thanx for the info drypipe. This is why these forum exist.

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    Re: new warbirds wanted

    You are most welcome. Use this Forum to Let Hobby-Lobby know what you want loud and clear ! (The FMS VS. JPowers marketing decision for H-L?). There are 90% of warbird foam flyer guys, and galls, out there who would love to own a nice large scale Axis EPO FW-190 or Stuka PNP, ARF or kit ! Such a scale model would be a wonderful step up from the Alfa warbirds and help you gain confidence to progress to 60 or 120 balsa warbirds. ( I think that the Kyosho 50 size warbirds and all their other great quality hobby grade products will really have a nice home here with H-L, if H-L decides to carry more of their products. Hard to find Kyosho products in the U.S. these days because they have decided to do most of their business in Europe and Asia !).
    After all, I rather see Hobby-Lobby get our business than an overseas competitor.


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    Re: new warbirds wanted

    I would love to see large scale Kyoshos in the H-L inventory. There quality is very good. Certainly a step above FMS. Not to bash FMS, but they do lack in some areas. Mostly in foam used. EPS I believe. It is a little stiff. Also they seem to be a bit under powered, but I find this a commen problem with ep planes. That being said, if H_L were to carry a quality large scale Axis warbird I would be all over it. Preference of course leaning towards the FW-190 or JU-87. A P-38 could be a good choice for Allied aircraft or maybe a Hurricane. Oh well ;) I guess I'm just a dreamer :shock: :lol:

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    Re: new warbirds wanted

    We really must petition Hobby-Lobby to give JPowers a shot at the Heavy Weight Foam Title on this website! Jpowers has just come out with a 60 size (61" wing), EPO P-51 Mustang in three color schemes, one of them being, the silver "Big Beautiful Doll". This Mustang has servoless retracts and a tail wheel retract! From the photos, on one U.S and one foreign website, it appears that the retracts are steel with spring strut suspensions! Also there is a 650KV brushless motor, 45A ESC, 8X9g servos, four blade prop and flaps. Kit form should become available soon.
    Hobby-Lobby should request an "Exclusive" FW-190 and At-6 Texan in this same 60 size scale from JPowers. This will be a BIG BIG hit with the growing large scale foam warbird flying customers in the U.S. and will also become a great addition to this new excellent website!

    FYI: The FMS warbirds were EPO foam but, again, there are different grade values for EPO.

    YES, Kyosho Products will definitely change the direction of this company in terms of increased National popularity and increased sales. Very few U.S. vendors, ( with the exception of, are Kyosho distributors.). Maybe, with the high volume of Kyosho product sales, H-L will be able to open up a distribution center here in Maine!


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    Re: new warbirds wanted


    If you really need to get your EPO foam FW-190 warbird fix in, then try the ARF version of the FW-190 "Pirate" on This warbird has a decent 39.76" wing span and is about 35" long. It is a stick mount on fire wall set up but you should be able to run an E-flite Park 480 on the E-Flite motor stick mount. To avoid the expensive overseas shipping, the ARF (called Kit), and RTF versions of this warbird are also available on E-Bay from a guy called "Rc-Flight-Guy" in Alabama U.S.A.. Just search for "EPO airplanes". He wants $90.00 but you can send him a message and offer $60.00. I think he will accept $60.00. I was told by this seller last month that the battery hatch on this FW-190 is large enough to accept at least a 3S 2100Mah lipo battery for longer flight times!

    Personally, I really like the scale looks of the Alfa Models FW-190 D-9 Dora by Hobby-Lobby, but I wish Alfa would go from blow mold EPS to molded EPO. This would require Alfa Models to invest in a new CNC mold forming machine specifically designed for the dense mixture of EPO foam. (Maybe Hobby-Lobby can purchase a EPO mold extraction machine for Alfa Models in the Czech Republic ?).
    I have owned 12 Alfa warbirds and they are all excellent flyers but unfortunately, due to the fragile EPS hollow foam, all ended up in the trash can less than a year after purchase. :(


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    Re: new warbirds wanted

    Well drypipe it looks like you and me are the only ones who want to see some large scalee WWII warbirds. I must say I am alittle surprised at the apparent lack of rsponse of those viewing this thread. I also am wondering if anyone from H-L are going to chime in. I feel like I am living in an information vacuum :o I was hoping one of the moderators might have some words of wisdom or insight on this subject. Hellooooooooo! Is anybody there? :?: :o

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