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Thread: Cut out thin plastic parts

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    Cut out thin plastic parts

    I am getting back to building balsa scale models. I am building a DC-3 from a Guillows #804 kit. There is one sheet of formed parts on very thin plastic that must be cut out. The parts are engine cowl, nose piece etc.
    My question is: Do I cut out and leave a edge, that can be sanded later or try to cut on the edge of the raised formed parts.

    Thank youi.

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    Re: Cut out thin plastic parts

    Trying to sand that stuff out later just does not work, there is no enough body there
    for sanding to be effective.
    I suggest cutting right to the line and then use a fine sand paper to break or chamfer the edge.
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    Re: Cut out thin plastic parts

    Thank you this question has been resolved.

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    Re: Cut out thin plastic parts

    I find that using a pair of cuticle scissors, found cheaply at any drug store, makes cutting out those small pieces easier. In paticular those with curves. Cuticle scissors are those little scissors with small curved cutting edges.


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