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Thread: New Dirt Track at Hobby Lobby

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    New Dirt Track at Hobby Lobby

    Motor cross dirt track builder, Rob Elkins brought his expertise to Hobby Lobby. Our new dirt oval and short course tracks were built under his supervision. The Brentwood, TN resident owns a stable of Traxxas trucks and he knows what others want in a dirt track. Elkins also maintains the motor cross track at Loretta Lynnís.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_20100905_154826.jpg   IMG_20100905_154858.jpg   IMG_20100905_154916.jpg  

    IMG_20100905_154928.jpg   IMG_20100905_154945.jpg   IMG_20100905_154956.jpg  

    IMG_20100905_155002.jpg   IMG_20100905_155020.jpg   IMG_20100905_155149.jpg  

    IMG_20100905_155510.jpg   IMG_20100905_155532.jpg   IMG_20100905_155542.jpg  

    IMG_20100905_155831.jpg   IMG_20100905_155846.jpg   IMG_20100905_155902.jpg  

    IMG_20100905_155908.jpg   IMG_20100905_160002.jpg   IMG_20100905_160009.jpg  

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