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Thread: Customer Service

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    Customer Service

    I placed an order on May 20. There were quite a few items on the order. Over the past few months I have received a piece here and there (the last was one bottle of glue), but the main item has still not arrived. I have emailed several times to inquire but all of my messages have been completely ignored.

    This has been the most horrible customer service I have ever experienced!

    Please answer this: Why do you ignore your email? Why do you allow orders to go on like this for MONTHS without offering to take care of your customers? I placed the order in May so I could enjoy the model over the summer. Summer is now over! Since you completely ignore email, I thought I would try here. What can you tell me about order number 0002067233?

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    Re: Customer Service

    Not sure why the email thing isn't working. We're not behind on them and everyone gets answered. Something is going wrong there. Send me your email address so I can our It people check it out. The Hydroplane you ordered has been on back order with Graupner in Germany for some time now. We have two shipments coming in the next couple of weeks from Graupner, but I don't know if those will be on that order. We've had them on order, just waiting fro Graupner to get them produced and shipped to us. I'm sorry for the long wait, we're doing everything we can.


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