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Thread: Dead LiPo battery after first charge?

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    Dead LiPo battery after first charge?


    So I got Parkzone's Trojan T-28, and charged the battery on my car with the provided car charger. Along with it, I charged another battery at home with an extra charger I got, "Team Orion", a relatively plain, simple one.

    After that first charge, I flew the plane just fine, probably for around 15min on each battery, being gentle on the throttle.

    Came home and charged the batteries again, this time, all three on the same home charger. The next day, however, I took off and after 30 seconds the plane was behaving weirdly, so I did and emergency landing and realized that the battery was already dead. I plugged in another battery, took off and, sure enough, the plane died again within the first 45 seconds. Fool me once, shame on the battery, fool me thrice, shame on me. I plugged in the last battery and put the throttle at full power, the battery, again, died after 20 seconds.

    Came home and got an adapter to use my car charger at home. Waited for 3 hours, unplugged the batteries and put them in the plane, full throttle, all three batteries, again, died after a few seconds.

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    Re: Dead LiPo battery after first charge?

    If I followed your write-up correctly, you are saying that the batteries only operated correctly for about 15-20 seconds after charging on either charger.

    If that is correct, it sounds like the batteries are NOT charging, even though they are connected to the charger. This could be a couple things. First, make sure you are connecting the batteries correctly and using the chargeer correctly.

    Second, you may have run the battery voltage down too low during your flights. Now the chargers "see" a 2 cell battery or no battery at all when you connect your 3 cell pack.

    I'd recommend that you find a local hobby shop or flyer that can check the voltage of the packs for you or try to charge them for you with a better charger.


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    Re: Dead LiPo battery after first charge?

    I am very sorry but that product is supported and warranty is supplied by Horizon Hobbies.
    They require that we direct technical and support issues to them.
    Here is the URL to contact Horizon:

    I am very sorry that we cannot supply support on that product for you.
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