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Thread: esc connections for twin motors

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    esc connections for twin motors

    I'm getting ready to work on a project that uses two motors and two esc's. Just for clarification what is the proceedure for connecting the two esc's together along with the the receiver connectors. I haven't done a twin yet and want to be sure to make these connections correctly so I don't have to pull what little hair I have left out.

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    Re: esc connections for twin motors

    For two ESC's you can use a Y-harness to connect them both to the throttle channel on the receiver.

    For the power connections, if you are using two batteries, there are a couple of different ways to do it.

    1. plug a battery into each esc separately and your done.

    2. make a parallel harness for the esc and batteries so that you have one connection to hook up the batteries to the escs.

    If you are using 1 battery, then you will need to make a parallel harness to connect it to the esc's.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: esc connections for twin motors

    Thanks Jason,
    I will use this information for my project.

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    Re: esc connections for twin motors

    I fly several twins and have always used one battery for a couple reasons. If you "over fly" and run one battery down before the other, you will lose one motor with the remaining motor still operating. That is never a good thing. Second, most batteries are not matched so that using two batteries can often cause one motor to run faster than the other.

    Both of these problems are solved by using one battery and a y-harness.


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