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Thread: Graupner spoilers

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    Graupner spoilers

    Hi, guys~

    Placed an order for Graupner spoilers end of March this year. Apparently, I've been told by support, there have been a couple shipments since then on this back ordered item, and that there is supposed to be another one about now and my back order will be filled. I'm not accusing anybody of dis information, or even lack of information, but the frustration level is at 'takeoff' speed!

    Has anyone actually received any of these spoilers? Sorry, but losing hope on this thing, and looking for some report that someone out there has actually gotten their order filled.

    Thanks! P.S. the only alternative is some funky looking 'air brakes' that have an odd looking 'cover' that also is actuated along with the 'brake' - they just don't look clean like the sailplane purpose build Graupners. If Graupner can't/won't ship because they don't like the Euro/dollar exchange rate, can't HL 'outsource' to China? Sorry 'bout that, but if Graupner isn't going to ship or ship enough of these so HL can fill an order in less than 5-6 mos, time for drastic action, eh?


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    Re: Graupner spoilers

    Hmmmm. 13 looks, no replies?? :?


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