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Thread: mark your batteries

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    mark your batteries

    There has been some discussion about the batteries that come with these micro planes and the fact that the polarity is reversed from other similar size single cell batteries. An adapter came with my plane to use the other batteries, so that is no problem.

    If you were to accidently connect the wrong battery though without the adapter....or the correct battery WITH the adapter, you will toast something.

    So, here is what I did. Since the connectors are all white, simply take a red and a black Sharpie and mark the connectors with the correct polarity. After that, just make sure you are hooking red to red and black to black. No more problems.


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    Re: mark your batteries


    Great Idea.
    Keep them coming.
    Jay Burkart
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    Re: mark your batteries

    I fried my Hobbico micro Albatros doing exactly what you are warning about. My receiver/servo board is toast. I took a battery out of my pocket for my Parkzone micro T-28 Trojan (aka Mentor) that I had made with a eRC Micro Stik battery and forgot the polarity was reversed from that of the Albatros. Pfffftt, DEAD! :oops:

    I had just converted my Albatros to a Micro Stick motor, motor mount, geared shaft and prop.
    The original Albatros motor died after just 29 flights so I ordered 6 replacement motors. The motors didn't have a plug to plug it into the rx/servo board so I had to cut off the original plug and solder the new motor wires to the old plug.

    Of course the motor didn't work in the original Albatros motor mount, the pinion gear was binding on the prop shaft gear, hence the Micro Stik conversion. The motor worked OK in the Micro Stik motor mount. Also, the lower wing broke in half as I was doing the motor work so some foam safe CA glue and clear shipping tape fixed that.

    The Albatros flew better than it ever had before with the Micro Stik system and prop installed. I got one impressive flight out of it before I fried the system.

    "Here lies Les Moore,
    shot down by a 44.
    No Les no more"

    C'est La Vie,

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