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Thread: Micro Stik Video

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    Micro Stik Video

    eRC's new Micro Stik flies mild or wild, indoors or out

    Looking for a plane that is fun to fly, capable of both wild maneuvers and gentle cruising at an affordable price? eRC's new Micro Stik is perfect for the pilot who is looking for the most versatile fun micro available today. Micro Stik comes completely assembled and ready to fly in under 10 minutes. Everything is included in the box, even a second battery. Extremely capable Micro Stik has the big wing and light weight for great indoor performance and the power for fun outdoor flight all. ... 8_prd1.htm

    Video here

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    Re: Micro Stik Video

    when will it be in stock ? :mrgreen:

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    Re: Micro Stik Video

    We hit a snag with customs, so it looks like they'll be here in December.

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    Re: Micro Stik Video

    any update ? :mrgreen:

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    Re: Micro Stik Video

    Nothing new. Same time line as before.


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