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Thread: eRC Micro Stik!

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    eRC Micro Stik!

    eRC's new Micro Stik flies mild or wild, indoors or out

    Looking for a plane that is fun to fly, capable of both wild maneuvers and gentle cruising at an affordable price? eRC's new Micro Stik is perfect for the pilot who is looking for the most versatile fun micro available today. Micro Stik comes completely assembled and ready to fly in under 10 minutes. Everything is included in the box, even a second battery. Extremely capable Micro Stik has the big wing and light weight for great indoor performance and the power for fun outdoor flight all. ... 8_prd1.htm

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    Re: Hobby Lobby's eRC Micro Stik!

    hey jason, when do you expect the next shipment of micro stiks to be in? Your page says mid-November and i am hoping to get mine in time to enter your video contest :D

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    Re: Hobby Lobby's eRC Micro Stik!

    They should be in later this month. Their on the water right now. I'm going to extend the contest through the end of the year, so no worries there.

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    Re: Hobby Lobby's eRC Micro Stik!

    awesome :D ill be able to get a good video in then
    thanks Jason, can't wait, placing my order tonght

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    Re: Hobby Lobby's eRC Micro Stik!

    any news about when the stiks will be in? im getting one for my dad now too :D
    You should probably change the mid-november on the micro stik page :P

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    Re: Hobby Lobby's eRC Micro Stik!

    Yeah, kind of a bummer. Customs held the shipment way longer than usual. They won't be here now until after Christmas. I'll move the contest through January so we can get more entries.


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    Re: Hobby Lobby's eRC Micro Stik!

    oh. that stinks, i have 8 batteries but no plane :cry:
    thanks for letting me know though

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    Re: Hobby Lobby's eRC Micro Stik!

    at midday today i checked to see if theyre in stock (as i do everyday :mrgreen: ) and it didnt say anything so i was so excited and i threw my hands in the air. Not sure if it was my computer/interenet problem, but i checked back later and it still stays mid-november :(
    im sorry im still bugging you, but i have two of these on order and have never been more excited for a plane before, idk why, it just seems like these will be a blast and i honeslty have no clue why i feel that way, so thank you for these little guys
    I got a Parkzone UM p-51 to curb my new micro appetite until your stiks get here
    Thanks as always Jason!

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    Re: Hobby Lobby's eRC Micro Stik!

    I'm glad your excited. The manufacturer had some delays, but we got word last week that they had shipped. That will put them here in the first week or two of January.


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    Re: Hobby Lobby's eRC Micro Stik!

    Jason, you mentioned in another thread that the propellers for the MicroStick are the same as the outdoor propellers for the Micro P-51.

    Are the spare propellers for the MicroStick on this same shipment as the airplanes?


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