The elevator on my Spitfire was just plain too twitchy. I was going to replace the control horn with a longer one to help with the problem, but someone else suggested just lengthening it a little. That sounded easier, so I tried it.

To save weight, I used a 1/2" length of a small black coffee stirrer straw. It was about 1/8" in diameter. I flattened it and used Gorilla glue to fasten it over the current control horn. Drilled a new hole about 1/8", maybe a tad more, farther out from the farthest original hole and reinstalled the pushrod. I had to trim just a little foam from around the pushrod opening to prevent any binding.

PERFECT! All signs of being twitchy are gone. The Spitfire still loops with ease and flying the little plane is soooooo much more relaxing.