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Thread: eRC Euro Fighter (Freewing) Control Linkages

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    eRC Euro Fighter (Freewing) Control Linkages

    Hello, My name is Neil I ordered a eRC Eurofighter (Freewing) on July 16th and received it on the 27th of July as I was going through the components I noticed my kit did not come complete with control linkages, my kit is missing control horns and linkages for the canards and associated hardware, missing control linkages for the nose gear door, nose gear steering and nose gear retract mechanism and finally missing control linkages for the 360* degree thrust vectoring system and carbon fiber rods for the wings. Here is my web order number 53918-100716 please help me with this issue if you need to contact me my e-mail is
    Thanks in advance.


    P.S. I already tried sales, customer service and tech support still waiting on this issue :(

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    Re: eRC Euro Fighter (Freewing) Control Linkages

    Try calling Robert in tech support.
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