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Thread: micro-spitfire

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    Just got my micro-Spitfire at EAA! One dumb? question? Do you fly with or without the landing gear? I have other larger electrics, so am experienced. But it looks as though the gear will not survive a grass landing. Maybe I should "belly 'er in!

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    Re: micro-spitfire

    I've been flying mine without the landing gear. Just slow down and belly land in grass. The plane looks much nicer in the air and there is less drag without the gear.

    A really nice thing about these planes is that they only weigh an ounce. If you see you are going to have an unexpected contact with the ground :mrgreen: , just cut the throttle and there will probably be no damage. Not much energy to get rid of.

    So, keep the gear off, toss her into the air and have fun. By the way, these are designed for indoor flight and they don't like much breeze.......and no WIND. Outdoors, work your way up with wind speed until you find what you can handle.


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    Re: micro-spitfire

    Good points and well taken. Thanks much!

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    Re: micro-spitfire

    "Belly landing" with these planes isn't like do that with larger planes either. They are so light that you can almost stop them before touchdown. There is no "skidding" along the ground.

    I agree about the landing gear....maybe on pavement, but in my opinion, they are for looks only when on the stand.


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    Re: micro-spitfire

    Either way is OK, but the landing gear landings are cool but difficult.
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