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Thread: Binding to other transmitter

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    Binding to other transmitter

    How do I bind my Spitfire to another transmitter? I have a Spektrum DX7 and an Airtronics RDS800, both 2.4 Ghz radios. I'd really like to use the better features of these transmitters.

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    Re: Binding to other transmitter

    Hi jjm9557,

    Just a bit of information about 2.4 ghz radios.
    First of all if you own a spektrum transmitter it is only compatible with its specktrum receivers.
    and if you own the airtronics 2.4 ghz they are also only compatible with its airtronics receivers.
    So to sum up since HL had the Spitfire and the P-51 mustang built especially for their specs the radio that comes with them will only work with them. 2.4 ghz is not universal with any other system. Remember that Spektrum 2.4 ghz is Dsm2 and that airtronics is proprietery. The 2.4ghz radio that HL includes with the Mustang and the Spitfire are also proprietery and will not work on your other systems. You would have to purchase the Spektrum receiver for the Micro Parkzone Su 26 or the Parkzone P-51 and replace the one in your Spitfire with one of them in order to use your Dx7. As far as I know currently Airtronics does not have a micro receiver that would work.

    Hope this helps with your question.

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