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Thread: eRC Spitfire Elevator Servo

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    eRC Spitfire Elevator Servo

    Hi - First day out with the new Spitfire, and now I have an elevator problem. When I power up, I can hear something happening in the aircraft - The ailerons and throttle are fine, but the elevator does not move. There is a sound in the fuselage when I move the elevator control, so it seems as if something may just be loose. Is it possible to get inside and check?

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    Re: eRC Spitfire Elevator Servo

    Just got my Spitfire yesterday and after admiring the little beauty I tried to test out the controls. Unfortunately, I found myself in the same situation you described. The throttle and ailerons were responsive, but the elevator input resulted in noise inside the fuselage but no control surface movement. I gently removed the belly pan and found the elevator servo motor to be hanging loose inside the fuselage. Placing the motor back in its holder resulted in a working elevator. It might be a good idea to use a drop of CA to hold the motor in place as my Spitfire has a bit of vibration at high throttle.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: eRC Spitfire Elevator Servo

    Thanks, Flyboy - It sounds exactly like my problem.

    So, you were able to pry the belly pan off without too much trouble? I was afraid the whole thing would snap in two. I'll give it a try after work.

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    Re: eRC Spitfire Elevator Servo

    Use 2 sided tape to secure belly pan

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    Re: eRC Spitfire Elevator Servo

    Here are some pictures of the bottom.
    Also a cutaway of the top showing the controller from top.
    Note on one where the motor is pulled out of it's ring, that is what needs to be
    put back into place.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Micro P-51-Spitfire cut open for access 004.jpg   Micro P-51-Spitfire cut open for access 007.jpg   Micro P-51-Spitfire cut open for access 008.jpg  

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    Re: eRC Spitfire Elevator Servo

    Thanks, Jay. I was able to fix it over lunch. It was just like Flyboy said. I opened the bottom, and the motor was just hanging there. It's been a while since I've looked at R/C guts - Man, that's an incredibly small motor! I mistook it for an antenna at first.

    I was able to slip it into the ring, and the elevator tested OK. Should I do something to secure the motor to the ring? I'm worried about using glue, since everything is so small, but it seems odd to leave the motor basically hanging upside down with only the gears holding it in. Suggestions?

    Oh, and thanks for the pics, Jay. I forgot to take any myself.

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    Re: eRC Spitfire Elevator Servo

    Quote Originally Posted by vern
    Use 2 sided tape to secure belly pan
    Thanks, Vern. I'll try that.

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