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Thread: Whats needed: Aerodrome rc Fokker D.8 WS 55"

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    Whats needed: Aerodrome rc Fokker D.8 WS 55"

    I'm new to this E-Flight. I purchased a short kit from Areodrome RC, They specialize in WW1 e-flight aircraft? Power system is an AXI motor 2820 or 2826 Brushless motor. Prop size 14x7 and wt. of plane 48oz. So with that infro: what to I need to get in the air. The control surfaces will R/E/A/T. What can you suggest in the area of Batt, Motor, ESC Servo's,complete Radio set-up etc. Any and all help is welcome. Like I said I'm new to e-flight. SO thank you. Fokker Triplane. :?

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    Re: Whats needed: Aerodrome rc Fokker D.8 WS 55"

    If this plane weighs 48 oz ready to fly with everything in it I would suggest a AXI 2820-10 motor, our PM282010.
    I do not know if you need the radial mount kit on that airplane or not
    Can you find out.
    The Radial mount kit is a Product# PM282002
    This mounts the motor essentially backwards and allows it to stick forward more.
    If you do not need the radial mount then you will need a Prop shaft adapter for a 5mm shaft
    for the prop.
    For the prop I suggest a 10 x 6
    A 14 x 7 prop is way too large.

    Maybe the best thing is to give me a URL where they list all the technical specs for this airplane
    and I might be able to detemine the motor mounting.

    For the ESC you need one that will carry 40 amps.
    Here is a JETI PN JAP40 and it can handle up to 5 servos. If you have more than 5 servos we will need
    to use a different approach.
    Lastly you need a 3S lipo pack of at least 30C.
    I would suggest choosing one that fits the best into the space you have in the model.
    Maybe look for something at least 3000mah. I can't suggest a specific one as I don't know how much
    room you have. You also will need a battery connector to go on the ESC that matches the one you have on the battery pack.

    Lastly a Spektrum 6 channel radio system with servos would be best.
    We do not show one with servos, so here is a 6 channel model with receiver:
    Product #: SPM6600 , I do not know what size servos fit that airplane well but here is a good
    middle of the road servo.HS-81 Micro ServoHitec micro servo to use with any brand radiosProduct# HTS081Price: $16.49

    I hope this goes a way to help you out.
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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