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Thread: Are these ships stable or are they stable?

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    Are these ships stable or are they stable?

    On 11th July 2010 I organised a Vintage Day at my local club. A vintage model in the UK is classified as a model which first flew before 31st December 1965, so the Telemaster qualifies.

    We fly from a disused WW2 training aerodrome, see http://www.smfc/biz, if interested. It was blowing a Force 4 so only four fliers turned up. As the organiser and sole proprietor of Telemaster Sales UK, I thought that I was obliged to fly first. I had brought a three channel Super Scorpian with me as well as a Telemaster 40 and a the "works" Senior Telemaster ARTF. I decided to fly the STM as its 5200 Lipo gave it sufficient weight to punch through the wind. On joining the wings together I noticed that extension cable to the wing servo in one of the wings had slipped down into the wing structure. I retrieved it with a piece of bent wire I keep at the club specifically for that purpose! I then proceeded to fit the wing and bolt up the struts. Next, I carried to model outside for we do not allow the arming of electric models in the club house for safety reasons. Another pilot had by now flown his half-sized Rudder Bug but that had been blown about a fair bit.

    I took my the STM to the start line and took off. The wind buffeted it about a great deal but I managed a few shaky circuits and horizontal eights before landing. We have a mown strip fully seventy five tards square, (70 metres square) but I found it difficult to hold her on a steady track and she ended up in the long grass. Hey ho, no damage done I disconnected the battery, switched everything off, and spent the next hour or more drinking tea and eating burgers "cooked" by our club chairman who always turns out for a club special day such as Scale Day, the Aerobatic Competition, the Fun Fly etc.

    I decided to have another flight with the STM. I fitted a new battery, took off and after a few minutes found it difficult to control the model. I was pushing the sticks and the rates to their limits but she wasn't responding consistently. I was really struggling: I thought that the receiver battery might have been low but it was almost new and had been charged overnight. There was nothing for it but to get it down ASAP. I got it down crosswind in the crop on the other side of the peri-track. The forward cabin sheeting had popped but otherwise there was no damage and I soon repaired it with cyano. I tried the radio to find I had no ailerons. I announced to all those present that the ailerons were not working and took off the wing to discover that...wait for it....

    I hadn't even connected them in the first place!

    I had flown a Senior Telemaster in a strong wind without ailerons for a total of about fifteen minutes not once but twice!That speaks volumes for the design's stability and for my lack of pre-flight preparation. I doubt if any of my other four channel models would have survived the experience. I plugged them in, took off, the big STM managed the wind without a problem and landed on the patch.

    So, what have I learned? To check ALL of the controls before take off.

    I trust that you will do the same gentlemen!

    As I said above, "Are these ships stable or are they stable!"

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    Re: Are these ships stable or are they stable?

    That is amazing. I don't fly my Telemaster in high winds, but I have experimented with flying it with rudder only and, as you found out, it flies quite well on just rudder!

    It is just a big stable gentle plane.


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    Re: Are these ships stable or are they stable?


    You are right, they have enough dihedral to be responsive to
    Rudder only.
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