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Thread: Erc 480 for mini tele...anyone tried this motor?

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    Erc 480 for mini tele...anyone tried this motor?

    I just received this motor expecting there to be some documentation as far as its limitations, specifically maximum current, so i know how to properly prop it. Im assuming a 480 is more than enough for the mini im going to start building tommorow. The only brushless motors i have had were Tower Pro motors i used for my Slow stick, other than that i have just used brushed motors and gas engines. The info said 10X6 prop for 3 cell lipo, just to be on the safe side i bought 9x6. hobby lobby said these motors have only been out for a month. I just like to have technical details i had a motor fry that should have taken a larger load.

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    Re: Erc 480 for mini tele...anyone tried this motor?

    There are two different 480 motors, which one are you asking about?
    ERCBL480 and the ERCBL480S.

    The BL480 max is 13 amps and the BL480S is 17 amps.

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