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Thread: Motor Recomendation for SSC combat

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    Motor Recomendation for SSC combat

    I am trying to find a match of a motor that will turn a 8x3 prop at 18000 RPM with a 3-cell Lipo.
    The best I could find is: Product# ERCD282027
    If this is a good match, is there a firewall mount and prop adapter available for it?

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    Re: Motor Recomendation for SSC combat

    I am sorry but that is meant as a ducted fan motor and can't produce enough torque to spin
    a prop at that kind of RPM with out being way overloaded.
    It's max amperage is 45 amps, you might be able to come up with a prop that will keep it under that.

    This motor does not come with prop adapters or mounts.
    It is meant as a EDF motor.
    Jay Burkart
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