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Thread: How to remove glue?

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    How to remove glue?

    I've crashed my foam jet the wings where still good so I've got a new fuselage on the way. My question is how can I remove the wings from the old fuselage with out damaging them ?

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    Re: How to remove glue?

    What glue did you use? Epoxy, CA or the contact glue in the white tube that comes in
    some of the kits?
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    Re: How to remove glue?

    Did it come that way from the store? Tape on it when you took it new out of the box? Actual TAPE, not the clear film that you just peel away?

    If yes to all that, box it up and take it back. Glue residue on a flatscreen could be impossible to remove without damaging the display. It's not supposed to have tape on it new from the factory. Your set was defective out of the box and you should get it refunded.

    On the other hand, if you or someone else applied the tape after the set was new, that's a different problem. Almost any chemical can seriously damage the display, most likely including the spray suggested in the other answer.

    Go to a pharmacy and get a bottle of reagent grade isopropyl alcohol, at least 98% pure. NOT medicinal alcohol, which is only 70%. Then get a package of lint free microfiber cloths.

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