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Thread: Dx6i transmitter

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    Dx6i transmitter

    I have a Dx6i transmitter i just bought, how do i connect it to a beginner A10.

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    Re: Dx6i transmitter

    You will need to have a DSM2 compatible receiver and connect it up to the servo plugs on the A10.

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    Re: Dx6i transmitter

    We do but it wont connect, we could have it connected wrong? It is connected Reciver to Speed controller (Un-changable) which branches off to the motors and battery.

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    Re: Dx6i transmitter

    Hi Titoflyer443,

    One needs to know which DMS2 receiver you are attempting to use on your A10. If you are using the AR6100e or end pin receiver then the motor plug and the rest need to face to the left of the receiver, this means that the part of the plug that shows the contacts/silver go to the left. The opposite is true for the other receivers from Spektrum.
    If you look on the receiver there is a diagram of the common-neutral and ground wire position for the connectors.

    Also sometimes depending on which motor controller you are using, the throttle has to be cycled forward and back until
    you hear the 3 beeps which lets you know that the controller is ready to start the motor. The binding operation also needs to be done correctly or nothing will work.

    The instructions that come with the receiver and the transmitter explain how this works.....

    If you have done all this and nothing still works then I'm stumped.....

    Be sure and check all your connections again to make sure they are good.

    I'm no expert but these are some of the frustrating problems that happen............

    Hope this helped,

    Good Luck,

    Colorado kid

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    Re: Dx6i transmitter

    Im using the one that came with my Spektrum, Im new to the hobby, It is an AR2600 and i cant seem to get it so the battery is one and the motor is the other without cutting the wires.

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    Re: Dx6i transmitter

    Are you plugging the motor controller into the throttle connector? Once you put the motor controller into the throttle connector then the battery should be attached to the motor controller and not in the Batt/bind plug, this should be left open.

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    Re: Dx6i transmitter

    I will post a picture of the setup

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    Re: Dx6i transmitter

    That would be very helpful....


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    Re: Dx6i transmitter

    Hi tittoflyer443,

    Did you get your DX6i and your motor, controller and battery connection figured out?

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    Re: Dx6i transmitter

    No i havent been home im on vacation im sorry about the picture i couldent seem to get it on its to big i think ill keep trying

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