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Thread: Powerless A10

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    Powerless A10

    I have the beginner version of the A10 warthog, we blew up 1 of the old motors and searching for a new one, we bought some brushless motors. Is it worth it to buy old new motors or keep the brushless we have now and buy a $120.00 speed controller (Note we couldent get it in the sky with the old ones[probably because we didnt break them in]and we need to buy two speed controllers $240.00 :o.)

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    Re: Powerless A10

    Please contact our tech support at 615-373-1444.

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    Re: Powerless A10

    I dont have the time can we talk here

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    Re: Powerless A10

    You can email for further help.

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    Re: Powerless A10

    I emailed you and you havent responded anybody else want to help

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    Re: Powerless A10

    Give me our product number or which A-10 you have.
    We sell several.
    Also when you say old new motors what do you mean.
    Jay Burkart
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