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Thread: Lipo battery life

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    Lipo battery life

    I'm wondering what the life of a regularly used Lipo battery is?
    After reading some of the other comments on the forums I'm sure there is some confusion as to how long these batteries should last. I have a couple for instance that have not yet used and are still in the box/wrapper, so they should still be in storage condition, but what is the shelf life?

    This may seem like a redundant question but if the information is on the paper work that comes with some of the batteries it has been misplaced and there seems to be nothing on the battery itself to give any indications. They all charge to the correct volts, but some seem to lose their flight times quicker than others.


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    Re: Lipo battery life

    Here is some information on storing them from Thunder Power:

    The most comprehensive information on Lithiuym Polymer batteries that I have found so far
    is: ... er_battery

    Since we are not a manfacturer of these batteries I cannot speak with any authority on
    their life and overall handling.
    I looked extensivley and cannot find any of the popular brands that have any comprehensive information
    that you seek. Also what is written is quite dated and not pertinent to today's products.
    I am reluctant to post any opinion as there is much here say and conflicting opinions.
    Sorry that I could not provide the in depth information that you are looking for.
    Jay Burkart
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    Re: Lipo battery life

    I have, or in some cases "had", about 50 lipos over the last 3 years. Many mixed brands, but no expensive ones. Ignoring the few that have been damaged in crashes or one that was accidently overcharged, their lives have varied a whole lot. A couple were worthless in less than 25 flights and 1 year old. Most have performed well up to at least 100 or so flights before losing noticeable power, but still quite useable.

    About half of them are going strong at over 200 flights. Time seems to take its toll. At 2 years, all of them show power loss, but still useable.

    In my experience, the batteries that are used the most often always seem to end up with the most usefull flights. In other words, from my experience, time seems worse than number of flights.

    Just my experience. My batteries get a lot of use since my wife also flies and most flying is in our backyard.


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    Re: Lipo battery life

    You might have discharged the battery to the point where the charger can't charge it. This type of battery has to be removed as soon as the voltage drops below approximately 3.0 V per cell (used in a series combination), or else the battery will subsequently no longer accept a full charge and may experience problems holding voltage under load.
    Another possibility is that the battery may have lost a cell causing a low voltage situation. Either one will get the same message from the charger.
    If you can measure the voltage of the battery, a reading of 1/2 the 7.4 volts or about 3.7 volts would mean one of the cells in the battery has died. A reading of around 6 volts or just under means you drained the battery to far and it can't be charged any more.
    Either way, it sounds like you need to get a new battery.

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