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Thread: A substitute for Dacron fiber?

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    A substitute for Dacron fiber?

    Hi, Hobby Lobby Guys.

    I want to know, if exist a material like Dacron Fiber, but more comercial.

    Thanks for your attention.

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    Re: A substitute for Dacron fiber?


    What is the application in regards to radio control models.
    I am not aware of any use for Dacron in RC aircraft.
    Is this something for sails for RC sailboats?

    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: A substitute for Dacron fiber?

    I'm not a "Hobby Lobby" guy, but if you are talking about "string" type dacron fiber, not cloth, try fishing line. Not mono filiment, but the fiber type.


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