Here's some recent comments on our launching technique video seen here

Nice job on the video! I like the inverted toss

Jason, Thanx for the hand-launch vid! Jeez, u make it look so easy. I think it will help out a lot of future MIG-15 pilots, some old MIG-15 pilots and a few would-be MIG-15 pilots.

Love the wing tip fling. That was some nice tossin. Good Vid.

Thanks for the vid Jason!
Now this is what a company should be all about. Many of us (myself included) were having troubles getting this bird in the air, the rep listened, made a video to address the problem and give a few tips. That's awesome.
I can say from experience that I too made the mistake of throwing it at too steep of angle, now I know better

Yes, thank-you, Jason -- Today I had no launching issues. I dumped all the extra weight (1800mah 30C, 40Aesc, 5250KV motor), and returned the plane to stock minus the tanks -- and had an uneventful launch following Jason's instruction. Kinda cartwheeled on the landing (due to missing tanks), but no damage!

Wow! Impressive! love the discus launch and the inverted launch! Can you do that with the F-86 too? BTW, I enjoyed the F-86 tremendously and looking forward to get the Mig too!

Jason, you are my hero. But seriously, this is a much appreciated video. I had some rough first flights with my F-86 when I was new to hand lauching. I actually mastered the underhand throw and avoid the overhand throw all together. I find that, when doing the underhand throw, the worst case scenaro is that the plane does not get enough speed and comes down on the skid tanks. It's really easy to? mess-up the overhand throw and just have the plane hit come down hard on its nose. Love these vids!

Awesome job, thanks for sharing these tips :-)?

Nice one and i'm sure that will help out a few new boys to the hobby and i liked the inverted hand launch but? don't think i'll be trying that any time soon ;-)