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Thread: Axi 2814/12

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    Axi 2814/12

    I am doing a Hobbico Twinstar .25 EP conversion and I have been considering purchasing two Axi 2814/12 motors for this project. However the motors are way out of the ball park in terms of prices, and I was wondering when will these motors go on sale? I have considered other lower end motors for the conversion but I really think the Axi will provide better torque and performance since all the guys at my club stand by them mostly because of the good AXI warranty!

    The motors are so good, my room mate will not sell me his!


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    Re: Axi 2814/12

    I have no idea when or if Axi motors will go on sale. We're held to MAP from Model Motors. They are still superior in terms of quality in performance over the cheaper motors. It will be up to you to decide if the price difference is worth the quality and performance difference.

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    Re: Axi 2814/12

    I wouldnt get that motor for a 10x?? prop. Its best with a 9x6 so really for the Corsair a 1000-1100 kv version woul be better.
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