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Thread: F15 fan replacement

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    F15 fan replacement

    I have a hobby lobby F15 Eagle Aggressor on taxi the fan blew apart. I see they sell replacments but how do you get it apart? BTW It was the maiden voyage wonder if thats a sign ?

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    Re: F15 fan replacement

    Sorry to hear of your fan problem.
    Go to the support tab on the HL web site and then send an email to Conact
    Tech support, the address link is there.
    Also make sure you include the order number for when you purchased it so they
    can process a replacement part.
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: F15 fan replacement

    I got it out. there is an access door right under the motor just cut it loose first. sad to say I crashed it right after I got it fixed.

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