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Thread: glow to elctric

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    glow to elctric

    I found a pair of tempest air boats with size .40 engines with 10 inch props on a garage sale. I would like to convert these to electric. What would I need to do this.

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    Re: glow to elctric

    I am sorry but never worked with Airboats before and not something that we have in the Hobby Lobby
    product groups, except for the flying variety.
    I suggest that you might do some searches here.
    I did a search and there was a number of threads that came up with information
    including sizing the motors.

    Maybe one of the forum members can jump in here and provide some information.
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: glow to elctric

    You'll need an electronic speed control (ESC), motor, and battery for each. Since the needs of individual aircraft is based on the overall weight and the type of flying one will be doing, there is a range of motor sizes and power combinations possible. Its difficult to say which power combo you should use to equal a .40 glow motor. There is a formula for determining power system requirements for aircraft which you can find in an article at Stevens Aero and modify to suit your boats. The article, Selecting an Electric Power System R1.0, explains how to determine how much wattage is necessary to develop ample power and performance for aircraft, and a guide to picking a motor, esc, battery and propeller combination which will deliver sufficient wattage. Its fairly simple to understand. Good luck.

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