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Thread: Trouble with OS160

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    Trouble with OS160

    I have an OS160 that will not run for nothing. I have tried low end, high end adjustments, even started with the recommended needle valve adjustments and still it will not run. It will idle ok but during throttle up it will load up and quit. This is after the needles are adjusted to get it to run at all. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Trouble with OS160

    Just a long shot, but I had an OS40 that ran the same exact way. One of my fellow club members looked at it and pointed out that my fuel line was curved too sharply causing a restriction of fuel. The motor got enough fuel to idle, but not enough to run high rpms.

    Could your problem be that simple?


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    Re: Trouble with OS160

    Thx Cliff. The fuel line run is almost straight. The fuel tank was level with the carb, was changed to be 1/4 inch higher than the carb and still no difference with the running. I have seen some nasty tails on this forum concerning this engine and problems solved by going to a perry pump. That is something that should not have to be done on an engine this expensive and an OS engine at that. We are using Omega 10% fuel, OS 8 glow plug. Am about ready to chunk this engine and put on a Genoah G26 gas engine in its place!!!

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    Re: Trouble with OS160

    I don't have the brain power to keep up with both electric and glow power systems :lol: I've gone almost completely electric. Since I understand electricity, I can figure out electric power plants.

    Hope you find your problem...and I hope it is simple.


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    Re: Trouble with OS160

    Cliff, it has been some time but since we last communicated the OS engine still, with the recommendations will still not run worth a darn. Its so darn frustrating. I have a brand new plane, been ready for 8 months and has not been test flow because of engine problems. Im ready to get a Super Tigre 3250 and put that in it.

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    Re: Trouble with OS160

    well, am ready to stick to electric motors and gas engines only and dump the glow's. Electric is so darn reliable, no needle valve's, carb adjustments ect to make and the planes always stay clean. The gas engines are so really reliable and dependable so its really not hard to make this happen.

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