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Thread: Free Ground shipping on orders of $75.00

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    Free Ground shipping on orders of $75.00

    WoW! Free ground shipping on in stock items of $75.00 or more during the Memorial Day Holiday. Great! Hummmm??? Ok, Now what happened to that FMS Giant P-51 Mustang? Lets see, Out of stock? Go figure. Strange, well, it may be back in stock by the end of next week , enough time to forget about the free shipping offer that had expired. Too bad we all missed out on the free shipping offer on this large airplane. Maybe it was moved to a "special order status" like the Graupner FW-190D? If so,they should all be advertised as "special order" on the HL website so that people know these airplanes still exist especially when there is a sale or free shipping offer!


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    Re: Free Ground shipping on orders of $75.00

    Look like Atlanta Hobby may pull off a nice free shipping deal on the FMS Mustangs for Thanksgiving for non members!!! Thanks Cliff!!!


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    Re: Free Ground shipping on orders of $75.00

    Sorry DP,
    We sold out of Mustangs already.

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    Re: Free Ground shipping on orders of $75.00

    Ya, H-L sold them all off to Atlanta Hobby at H-L's wholesale cost according to Cliff at AH! I guess Hobby Lobby broke even on the FMS Mustang venture!!


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