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Thread: Product# ESM047B ARF P-47

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    Product# ESM047B ARF P-47

    originally posted in WARBIRDS/P-47 RUMOR with no response.

    I've been waiting for several months for the ARF version of this plane to be available. I've got one on order from a LHS. Now I see that it's been pushed back yet another month. Plus there is no mention of the RTF version anymore (not that I'd want whatever cheap radio it comes with).


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    Re: Product# ESM047B ARF P-47

    Nothing worse than asking a legitimate question and being ignored. How about a response, eh?

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    Re: Product# ESM047B ARF P-47

    It's hard to nail down dates with long production and shipping times. We do the best we can with the information we have. They are on their way to us and should be here either this week or next.

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    Re: Product# ESM047B ARF P-47

    Thanks for the response. I hope they get it soon, flying season's awastin'! I'm really looking foward to this model. My dad flew the real deal way back when and I want him to see this one fly before it's too late. I was REALLY wanting the e-flite version with the yellow and black checkerboard tail. That was the group dad flew with. Just my luck that they've all disappeared.

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