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Thread: Senior Telemeter (HLA007): Payload and flight time

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    Senior Telemeter (HLA007): Payload and flight time


    I would like to know the max. payload for HLA007 (electric)?
    And how long can it fly under that payload for 3S 5000mah?
    Lastly, the website states it will be in stock in late-May, so is it in stock now? ;)


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    Re: Senior Telemeter (HLA007): Payload and flight time

    You are saying a 3S 5000mah battery. That is well below what the motor
    It will not fly very well on a 3S much lift any payload.
    You should go to a 5S or 6S.
    I can run out your scenario on my simulator. Let me know
    what battery configuration you want considering that a 3S is not
    a good setup.
    The Sr. Telemaster is used often for carrying payloads sometimes as much as 10 lbs
    but you will need to use the struts.
    I ran a 6S lipo with about 10 lbs of payload and it gives me a climb angle of 22 deg
    at 800 ft min.
    Flight time of 5 minutes of motor run time at WOT.
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: Senior Telemeter (HLA007): Payload and flight time

    I agree with Jay about the 3 cell not being enough, but I do fly mine with a 4 cell, 5,000 mAh lipo with plenty of power. I'm sure the plane could carry 10 lbs with little effect unless you want to do a loop with that weight :mrgreen:

    Then again, there are LOTS of variables such as the motor you are using, prop, altitude where you are flying to name just a few.


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    Re: Senior Telemeter (HLA007): Payload and flight time

    6S is the way to go:


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