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Thread: EPO Jets go Viral at Joe Nall Show

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    EPO Jets go Viral at Joe Nall Show

    Hey everyone,
    Just wanted to tell the fantastic story from our trip to the famous Joe Nall flying event last week. This is our 5th year attending as vendors and it's always been a great show for us. This year was a little different though. We brought some of our best stuff, like Pilot-1 scale planes, thrust vectoring jets, and even a ton a scratch and dent stuff from our local Sidewalk Sale that people loved. We also had our new EPO F-86 and Mig-15 jets. The F-86 had been out a month or so and was already hugely popular. The first shipment of Migs were due in, but didn't make it in by when we had to leave. They did show up the day after we left so our buddy Chris Woodward pitched in and loaded a trailer full of them and other planes to bring down to sell. And boy did we bring a lot of planes to sell! We had a 17' U-Haul truck and Chris' trailer full of inventory. We had a sales goal in mind, the weather was perfect, and we set out to show and sell. The first day Mike Hines and I took the F-86 and Mig-15 out to the main flight line after hours when they let small planes fly. These things are a blast to fly and you could tell by the smiles on our faces as we chased each other and did formation touch n' goes on the grass runway. After we landed, a ton of people came over to see what we had. We showed the jets, told them about the durable EPO foam and that it only takes a half hour to build and that all you need is a receiver. All that at an incredible price. The value was just too good and the following day folks came in droves to check them out and purchase their own. I encouraged every customer to take their plane back to their tent and build it so we could all fly them that evening. I mean, heck, it evens comes with the 5 minute epoxy! That evening folks showed up and we had a little gaggle of EPO jets flying around. It was a sight to see. That made more people interested in them and it grew the next day. Each day after hours, you couldn't help but see a Hobby Lobby EPO Jet in the air at any given time. Now I've heard of videos "going viral" before, but I never would have thought I'd see planes "go viral" at an event, but they did. The more people flew them, the more people saw them, and they just had to have one. It was CRAZY! Each day there was a river of people walking away from our tent with an F-86 or Mig-15. So much so, that we ran out of jets on Friday, the day before the show ended. It was amazing and I cannot wait for those pilots to take their planes back to their home fields and show their buddies what fun these little planes are. You get a great looking durable jet that flies so well and comes with everything you need, less a receiver, for only $119. These guys are the best value going right now. You know those T-28's from ParkZone? The ones that everybody has? Well, These jets are the new T-28's. You just can't not have one!

    Jason Cole
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    Re: EPO Jets go Viral at Joe Nall Show

    Both HL's F-86 and Mig-15 are fun acft. They build easilly and present well in the air.

    Saber video:
    Problems with maiden were pilot's error.

    Mig stills:

    Mig video:


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    Re: EPO Jets go Viral at Joe Nall Show

    The orginal Mig would take off from grass. Will this one do the same?

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    Re: EPO Jets go Viral at Joe Nall Show

    I have taken the Mig and F-86 off of grass. It's not as easy, but it'll do it.


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    Re: EPO Jets go Viral at Joe Nall Show

    Mig-15 video:

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    Re: EPO Jets go Viral at Joe Nall Show

    Post #156 for Mig/Saber comparison: ... 65&page=11

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