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Thread: Replacing the nose cone.

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    Replacing the nose cone.

    Any one have any good ideas on how one should replace the nose cone on the f16 360 T.V. I used just a little epoxy to attach it when building. I know that this epoxy is hard to remove, I thought about using a hot hobby knife to cut through it. Any ideas any one. I lost just the tip of the nose cone.


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    Re: Replacing the nose cone.

    I have no good ideas since it is epoxy.
    Just slice away as little of the foam as possible.
    The other way is to just cut it off right where it meets the fuselage and then
    glue on a new plug for the new nose cone to slip over.

    That is why it is an advantage to using the contact glue. Then you can use lighter
    fluid to essentially melt the joint but it will not affect the glue.
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