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Thread: Convert Funster to Electric

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    Convert Funster to Electric

    I have been out of RC for a while. I have about a 12 year old kit built Funster. I currently have it powered by a .60 OS. I would like to change this out to run electric. I have never used electric so I need all the help I can get. I know I will need LiPo battery, an ESC, and a motor but I have no idea what type or size. Thanks.

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    Re: Convert Funster to Electric

    We used to sell the Funster as an Electric model.

    Here is what you will need:

    AXI Gold 2826/12 Outrunner MotorMore powerful motor replacement for .40 and .46 size glow powered airplanesProduct# PM282612

    Radial Mount System to mount your AXI OUTRUNNER "backwards"Product# PM282002
    Prop APC 13 x 8 E prop PE13080E

    Speed controller (ESC) Jeti ADVANCE Pro 40 Amp Brushless Controller40A programmable controller with BECProduct# JAP40

    3-Cell 11.1V 3200mAh 20C LiPo PackGreat balance of price, weight and powerProduct# YTB32003

    Deans Ultra Plug Connector, pairDeans Ultra Plug Connector, pairProduct# DEA1300

    You will also need a Lipo charger that can do a 3S lipo pack as above.
    I can make a recommendation on that if needed.

    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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