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Thread: Order# 47146S100423

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    Order# 47146S100423

    Order# 47146S100423

    My viewing angle is the jet being turned over, non camo side.

    the lower left rear retract does not want to come down all the way, it looks bent from shipping
    or something..
    everything else is fine, the front nosewheel retract is good, the lower right retract is good
    but the rear left retract does not retract into the body properly.
    I'm using a servo slow downer, it works great, all pushrod wires are fine that
    push\pull the retract

    Any suggestions on this?

    Its a nice jet, only problem is the retract.. damn...

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    Re: Order# 47146S100423

    If the retract is bent, that's one thing, but I don't see how shipping damage could do that. Most retracts require adjustment to fully lock in the up an down position. It's a fine art of mechanical and electronic adjustments to get it just right. Sounds like you need to adjust the linkage on that one to get it to lock and then electronically adjust the end points to make sure they all lock with out binding up the servos. Pretty normal thing to have to do for any retract set.


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    Re: Order# 47146S100423

    they used locktite on the allen screws, one stripped so that's a done deal..

    this is getting interesting...

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    Re: Order# 47146S100423

    The left rear gear wasn't set up right and was a little bent.

    I was able to straighten the strut
    and set the wheel assembly forward so
    it doesn't bind when retracting now.

    I also noticed all the landing gear is sloppy when it is fully locked in the down
    position. The gear moves back
    and forth a little.

    You guys have any
    solid metal retracts for this bird or a place where i can get them?
    I'm not too thrilled with this landing gear.


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    Re: Order# 47146S100423

    in regard to my last post, is it normal for this jet to have sloppy retracts, the f35 doesn't
    have any slop at all in its retracts.. For a brand new Jet I would expect
    the retracts to be more rigid.. If this is not
    normal what do you do to fix the problem..

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    Re: Order# 47146S100423

    I guess I'm talking to my self here?? you want a video of the sloppy retracts? I'll send one if you want..

    The gear is locked, servos are as far as they can go to get the gear down..

    what do I have to do to fix this? the jet costed me 300 dollars and the landing gear
    is terrible..

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    Re: Order# 47146S100423

    Yes the gear is sloppy. We are working on a fix with the factory. Some folks have had good success using washers to reduce the slop.

    The retracts can be setup correctly. It takes mechanical and electronic adjustments to get them just right. It's a trial and error thing. Keep working on it and you'll get it.


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    Re: Order# 47146S100423

    I dunno, with plastic
    gear boxes I may get a few landings on these things before
    they start cracking and trash the jet.

    The vendor needs to get with the program and use metal
    retracts, it only makes sense so the product
    stays in one piece longer..

    I'm going to search my AMA chapter to
    see if anyone has any ideas...

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