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Thread: What is the "Always Flying" Program

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    What is the "Always Flying" Program

    I'm new to RC and just bought a Super Cub...what is this program?

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    Re: What is the "Always Flying" Program

    It's a program to get free parts when you crash. Kinda like insurance. It was only available on our Wing Dragon HL plane, but we are working on a new plane and package to include with the AF program.

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    Re: What is the "Always Flying" Program

    This is a great idea. It seems that this should be extended to customers that buy a beginner aircraft like I did with the Super Cub. I already need parts that broke on the first crash, then they are backordered! Not a great way to enthusiasm has been dampened. Please consider this for RTF beginner aircraft. I'm happy with my plane, but you should know about this from a new customer

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