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Thread: Super Cub Motor Mount Alignment

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    Super Cub Motor Mount Alignment

    Recently bought our first plane Super Cub LP and it appears that the motor mount, even when fixed, is offset and slightly tilted toward the right side of the fuselage....Is this correct or should it be perfectly almost looks like it's designed at a slight a beginner!

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    Re: Super Cub Motor Mount Alignment

    Most planes of that type have some right thrust built into the motor mount to counter the torque from the propeller.

    It just helps make the plane stay straight when you vary the throttle speed. When you rebuild the plane, keep the same thrust angle.


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    Re: Super Cub Motor Mount Alignment

    Thanks Cliff....I thought it was about the torque but being new, I wasn't sure. It looks crooked to the rookie, but I remember learning about the torque while flying in an actual WWII trainer! Thanks Tom

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    Re: Super Cub Motor Mount Alignment

    You're welcom Tom and also don't be surprised if you notice a little downthrust built in also on a high wing trainer.


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