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Thread: Props- Mini Telemaster

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    Props- Mini Telemaster

    I have an arf mini telemaster from HL-- damaged the prop-- the proper I took off is marked 8x4-- the prop that is show with this plane on the HL site shows 8 x 6 -- which should I order??

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    Re: Props- Mini Telemaster

    Either should work just fine. If you were happy with the 8x4, I'd just replace the prop with that one. The 8x6 will give just a little more speed (maybe not a good thing for a beginner :mrgreen: ) at the cost of consuming a little more power which will reduce flying time just a little bit.

    Actually, most beginners would not notice the difference and the difference in power consumption is not very large.

    Since you are a beginner, I'd order a couple of both. You WILL break more and this way you can see the difference.


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