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Thread: Spare Parts

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    Spare Parts

    I had occasion To talk to one of your representatives at Toledo about a replacement part for one of your products. The part had been on order for an extended period of time. I was very pleasantly surprised When two weeks later I received the part plus two other parts you had asked me if I wanted to go along with the part I originally ordered. The best part was that these parts were supplied at no charge for which I would like to extend my thanks. It was way beyond what I expected. You have a very satisfied customer who will be looking at Hobby Lobby for as many of his needs as possible.
    Again, thank you very much
    Fred A. Sheplavy

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    Re: Spare Parts

    Just watched some flight video of that heli on youtube, looks nice by the way and congratulations.

    It looks like all you may need are a set or two of replacement blades. It's light weight enough so that a crash while learning will only damage blades...if that. Most RC Heli's today have a blade set up that prevents blade damage, but it never hurts to have a spare set.

    Good luck, and have fun.

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