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Thread: freewing esc programming

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    freewing esc programming

    I am looking for any information on freewing esc programming notes, programming cards or
    any tricks for programming a freewing esc with a futaba T6ex and futaba T7c..

    So far the only problem I have when building my jets is the throttle direction..

    I always have to reverse channel 3 and mess with endpoint adjustment..

    I have other ESC's and don't have a problem with having to reverse servo's or
    mess with endpoints...

    any info is appreciated..

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    Re: freewing esc programming

    The only programming that we have information for is the Throttle spread or linearization.

    Try turning on the your transmitter and then setting the throttle stick to full with the throttle throw
    set to 100% throw.
    Then plug in the aircraft battery and wait for the series of tones and then pull the throttle stick back.
    This should adjust the ESC to your transmitter and make the throttle response more linear.
    Other than that we have no other information on those ESC's.
    This proceedure can been seen on the SU-34 web page.
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: freewing esc programming

    With Futaba transmitters, the "normal" or correct position for the throttle (channel 3) is "reversed".

    Since brushless motors can run either direction, you may have just been lucky.


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