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Thread: Graupner Focke Wulf-190D Half Off Sale!

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    Graupner Focke Wulf-190D Half Off Sale!

    Maybe now is a good time to put that old, out of production,( and hard to find parts for), Graupner FW-190D on a nice %50 off SALE before all the balsa dries out.

    Perhaps Free shipping would also make a good sales incentive!


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    Re: Graupner Focke Wulf-190D Half Off Sale!

    Woops! after eight days from my last posting, listed above, it looks like that Graupner FW-190D has suddenly and mysteriously done a corporate Hobby-Lobby disappearing act, just like the large scale FMS P-51 Mustang! Looks like the Hobby-Lobby management is putting that warbird far away from any half off sale ideas. Maybe it will come out again in Novemmer for $400.00 during the Christmas shopping sprees? I Bet. Go figure! Ok, I'll be stupid and ask: Hobby-Lobby, why did you remove the Graupner FW-190D after I had mentioned that it should go on a 1/2 off $ale 8 days ago? This just can not be pure coincidence ? Is it? Maybe, the balsa on the airplane had dried out, and that is why you had to removed it from your website?

    Oh no, maybe this posting will be removed like all the others in this forum because it "is getting off the main topic at hand and has nothing to do with an announcement or sale". It was a simple question to the possibility of a possible sale. However, the question was never answered, and the Graupner FW-190D was suddenly and mysteriously removed from the company listing. Maybe H-L has no intension of putting the Graupner FW-190D on any kind of sale? A possibility?

    I think something smells really bad, and it is not from a fried FreeWing 30 Amp ESC. No wounder, because those escs were being sold without proper operating instructions during the last electronics sale.


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    Re: Graupner Focke Wulf-190D Half Off Sale!

    We're moving from storing a lot of Graupner inventory here, to a special order status like it used to be. We can still get just about anything from Grupner that you want.


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    Re: Graupner Focke Wulf-190D Half Off Sale!

    Well... I guess the move to "special"status" was just an operational coincidence.


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